From a story about a place to stories about the world

Available now through $13.00 (book) $5.80 (kindle). ISBN 9780646848945.

‘The Long Road to Asik-Asik Short Stories’ is Erwin Cabucos’ 4th collection of short stories, featuring the highly commended work ‘Requiem for Pasig River’.

It was awarded with high commendation by the Roly Sussex Short Story Award and Queensland Independent Education Union Short Story Competition in 2016.

‘Requiem for Pasig River’ was also published in the Philippine’s national weekly magazine ‘Philippines Graphic’.

‘The Long Road to Asik-Asik Short Stories’ features 12 new works from Erwin Cabucos. They deal with themes and characters that confront world issues in their local and personal situations, including family and forgiveness, faith and the environment, culture and stereotypes, euthanasia and nostalgia, the use of the body for the desire of the mind, and fighting for gender equality in the time of COVID.

Lee Finn from the Brisbane Literary Writers Group comments that Erwin’s stories and characters are very authentic. She says: “Even though he’s writing fiction, we have no difficulty at all believing that every word of these stories is true. That’s a mark of a really good writer.”

Finn adds: “As a reader, what I love about Erwin’s stories is the amount of emotion that he puts into them. He writes wonderful  emotion, and that is a great skill.”

This is an adult work of fiction which contain mature scenes and themes that are not suitable for children.

This book is now available on as paperback and e-book. Click here.

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