Can you really escape from your past?

Available now on $14.00 (book) $6.00 (kindle) ISBN 9781536928020

‘Does It Matter What the Dead Think’ is a collection of 16 short stories that deal with life in the Philippines, exploring experiences and perspectives on family, identity, religious beliefs, growth and immigration.

It is a work of fiction that is based on real life situations.

Cecilia Brainard, author of ‘When the Rainbow Goddess Wept’ by the University of Michigan Press comments: “After reading Erwin Cabucos’ work, one has a better understanding of the Filipino-Australian experience and of Filipino experience of Muslim Mindanao.”

Cabucos was born and raised in Southern Philippines. He came to Australia on a scholarship to study Communication at the University of Newcastle.

In an interview with SBS Filipino Radio in Australia, Cabucos discloses that he started writing stories when he was studying at the university.

“I was looking for a book to read to which I could relate, but I found almost nothing, so I started writing my own,” he says.

His first stories found home in the pages of Filipino community newspapers in Sydney, including ‘The Philippine Community Herald’ and ‘Bayanihan News.”

He kept writing for a few years until his collection attracted the interest of an independent publisher in Canberra.

His first book ‘The Beach Spirit and Other Stories’ was published by Ginninderra Press in 2001. His second collection was published by Manila Prints in Sydney and Manila, Philippines. Both books are no longer available for printing.

Since then his stories and his subsequent writings were anthologised in a number of journals and magazines in Australia and Asia.

‘Does It Matter What the Dead Think Short Stories’ is his third book.

This book will suit mature readers, and there may be scenes and themes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

It is available from as paperback and e-book. Click here.

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