Author leaning on table

Erwin Cabucos. Photo by Renae Droop, Newsphotos.

Erwin Cabucos is a Philippine-born English teacher who writes poems and short stories in his Brisbane home in his spare time. He has completed Master in English Education from the University of New England, Bachelor of Communication from the University of Newcastle and  Bachelor of Psychology from Notre Dame University.

His short stories collections include: The Beach Spirit and Other Stories (Ginninderra Press, 2001), Green Blood and Other Stories (Manila Prints, 2008) and Does It Matter What the Dead Think (Amazon, 2016).

His works appear in journals and magazines in Asia and Australia, including: Cha – the Asian Literary Journal, FourW Journal of New Writing, Verandah Journal, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Philippines Graphic Magazine and Business Mirror Magazine.

Erwin’s short stories have been published in anthologies in Asia, Australia and America, such as Mindanao Harvest 4 edited by Jaime An for Far Eastern University Press, Manila, 2018, Salu-Salo: An Anthology of Philippine-Australian Writings edited by Wendell Capili and John Cheeseeman for Casula Powerhouse Press, Sydney, 2008, and Growing Up Filipino edited by Cecilia Brainard for Philippine-American Literary House, Sta. Monica, California 2003.

Awards and Residency

  • Shortlisted – Stuart Hadow Literary Prize, 2020
  • High commendation – ESU-Roly Sussex Short Story Award, 2016
  • High Commendation – Queensland Independent Education Union Literary Awards, 2016
  • Fellowship – 23rd Iligan National Writers Workshop, 2016
Ms Lee Finn from Brisbane Literary Writers Group talks about Erwin Cabucos at the launch of Does It Matter What the Dead Think
Radio SBS Interviews Erwin Cabucos on the release of Does It Matter What the Dead Think